Colour control for aesthetic dentures with the 3D printed model in red

Farbkontrolle bei ästhetischem Zahnersatz mit dem 3D-Druckmodell in rot

Close to reality: SHERAprint model in aesthetic red.

Dentures not only have to function, they also have to look natural. The right (color) tone of the veneer or crown plays a crucial role. Particularly in the front teeth area, it requires a high degree of color sensitivity, understanding of translucency, light refraction and reflection in order to be able to produce highly aesthetic dentures. Nevertheless, it often happens that a work that looks perfect in terms of color on the model looks completely different in the patient's mouth. And this despite previously taking into account photos of the patient, color scales, sample teeth or digital techniques for determining the tooth color. The reason: The color situation on the working model is different from that in the patient's mouth. Despite the dental technician's experience and sensitivity, a good working basis is also important. SHERA has developed a 3D printed plastic for models that imitates the color situation in the patient's mouth almost perfectly.

SHERAmodel-print aesthetic red palate

Models in the right tone offer full color control

The new SHERAprint model aesthetic red is currently the only model material for DLP printing that imitates the color of natural gums. This allows the dental technician to check the effect of his work in the patient's mouth at any time during the manufacturing process and achieves aesthetic results that fit and hit the right note. Models in other colors can distort the subjective color impression, so that there are costly surprises in the patient's mouth later on. It is part of the daily routine of laboratories to have to make color changes after the first fitting of crowns or veneers, for example. The new red model plastic helps to prevent this extra work.

SHERAprint-model aesthetic red is designed for printing high-precision veneer and inlay models, stump and implant models as well as models for combi-telescopic work and full prosthetics. In addition, many speakers such as Axel Seeger , Jan Holger Bellmann or Olaf van Iperen for their course models on the new model plastic in aesthetic red from SHERA.

Details such as gingival structures and palatal folds look natural

For SHERAprint-model aesthetic red, SHERA recommends 50 µm layer thickness for high-quality models with a smooth surface. The surfaces show even the smallest details in the ginigva or the structure of the palatal folds. The material is designed for DLP printing with a wavelength of 385 nm. The optimal printing parameters are already integrated into the additive workflow of the SHERAprint system.

Print precise stumps and matching gingiva

Precise stumps and matching gingiva

It is particularly exciting to print removable stumps from the 3D printing material SHERAprint-model desert for the model in red. With the Model builder software SHERAeasy-model All stumps can be created very quickly and intuitively in a short time and then printed precisely. If desired, a matching gingival mask can also be printed from SHERAprint-gingiva, which sits completely unobtrusively on the model in the same color and can be elastically removed again. This creates a highly precise, comfortable model with a natural-looking and aesthetic reproduction of the oral situation.

Models in aesthetic red also as a printing service

Even if you don't have your own 3D printer in the lab, you can order a model made of the red model material from SHERA as a printing service. The free SHERAeasy-model upload tool is available for this purpose. This is used to transfer the STL data. The SHERA team then takes over the design of the model - if desired, for example with stumps or gingiva. If you want to take the design of the model into your own hands as a working basis, you will also find the patented SHERAprint-cone stump geometry for a precise fit of all stumps in the design version of the SHERAeasy-model model builder.

Less rework, more reputation

Hitting the right note is not only important for the reputation of the dental laboratory and practice. It also plays a major economic role in determining whether adjustments have to be made and a new patient has to be booked. This takes time, which neither the dentist nor the dental technician can bill for. Dental technicians who perfectly match the color situation of patients also score points with a plus on their competency account. With models made from SHERAprint-model in aesthetic red, the success rate and the satisfaction of customers and patients increase significantly.

SHERAprint-model aesthetic red is now available exclusively at SHERA, for example in Online shop , available. Anyone who would like to see the material can simply arrange an appointment with SHERA's nationwide sales team.

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