SHERA Christmas donation distributed to eight organizations

SHERA Weihnachtsspende an acht Organisationen verteilt

For the eleventh time now, SHERA has dispensed with Christmas presents for customers. Instead, a total of €15,000 was donated to charitable associations and organizations in the region that had previously been suggested by employees. In order to get to know each other personally and to exchange ideas about the work of the donation recipients, SHERA invited everyone to a “coffee klatch” in Lemförde. As always, it was an all-round lovely and successful afternoon.


A donation went to The Fire Salamanders – Brockum Local Fire Department (Sponsor Karola Grill-Lüdeker). If things need to be purchased that would exceed the fire department's regular budget, the fire department's own support association steps in. A van is currently being purchased so that all colleagues can be deployed quickly together.

The Wildpark-Dinklage Association (sponsor Maria Waldmann) about the financial injection. Together with the city of Dinklage and a forester and gardener, he looks after the 27-hectare wildlife park at Burgwald in Dinklage. The association organizes planting campaigns, family celebrations and the popular festival of lights in the autumn. The money from SHERA will also go towards these events.

Also the Stemweder Berg Hospice Foundation (sponsor Jens Grill) can make good use of the donation from SHERA: In order for the outpatient hospice and palliative care to be billed to the health insurance companies, the full-time and voluntary employees must attend various training courses. This includes the new coordinator Monique Wolf-Delissen, whose further training is to be paid for with the money from SHERA.

Of course, SHERA also has a big heart for the little ones: The Kindergarten Association Altes Amt Lemförde eV (Sponsor Maximilian Willenborg) wants to use the financial support to purchase a new swing for the “dwarf group”.

The enthusiastic descriptions of Christian Bolten, the youth worker of the Children and Youth Center Martinusheim in Hagen a. TW (Godmother Lisa Marie Schönhoff). “Everyone in Hagen knows the Martinusheim and almost everyone has experienced important moments of their childhood here.” The center is a popular place for all generations to meet, learn together, play and simply have a good time. The donation from SHERA will go into the “pot” to pay for the extensive renovation of the more than 500 square meter building.

The Food donation Lemförde (sponsor Ingrid Jürgens) has been ensuring that those in need are provided with non-perishable food as well as fresh fruit and vegetables for many years. Between forty and sixty different customers come to the distribution point on Bahnhofstrasse in Lemförde once a week. It is therefore not surprising that the donated goods from local supermarkets and bakeries are often not enough. The donation from SHERA, among others, can then be used to buy additional food so that no one has to go home empty-handed.

The Senior Citizens Transport Service Stemwede eV (sponsor Anja Sander) is a relatively new project that will hopefully soon be imitated in many communities. Since 2020, 23 volunteer drivers have been transporting senior citizens who are no longer mobile themselves to various appointments for a travel fee of €3 and 40 cents per kilometer. The service is "door to door" and even collapsible wheelchairs and walkers can be transported in the vehicles. The donation from SHERA will be used to pay leasing rates and insurance for the 4 cars of the senior citizens' transport service.

The Animal shelter Dickel (sponsor Laura Fromme) is using the donation from SHERA for its current “problem animals”: ​​A total of eight livestock guardian dogs, who probably cannot be rehomed due to their disposition and inadequate socialization, are to be allowed to spend the rest of their lives at the animal sanctuary. To do this, the existing outdoor enclosure must be converted and protected against winter influences.

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