If you want more precision, use SHERAFINA

Willst Du's präziser, benutz SHERAFINA

OK, we probably don't deserve the prize for the best rhyme, but we deserve the prize for the best investment materials even more! We're not the only ones who think so. SHERA has the right investment material for all dental life and laboratory situations. For example, SHERAFINA 2000, our tried and tested crown and bridge investment material. It impresses with its creamy, fine and dense consistency - perfect for castings with very smooth surfaces and extremely precise fit.

For smart perfectionists

The expansion of the SHERAFINA 2000 can be controlled reliably and easily using the SHERA expansion liquid. This high-tech investment material always produces perfectly fitting results for implant, crown and bridge work or inlays. And of course this works in both the EMF and EM areas. In addition to the fit, the surface quality is also a focus. The cast objects are easy to remove from the embed and sandblast. This saves material, but above all valuable time. Speaking of time: The SHERAFINA 2000 is also the best choice for dental technicians in a hurry, as it is suitable for both conventional heating processes and speed casting.

With enthusiasm for dental casting

Clear mixing tables and current instructions for use for all our investment materials are available online at www.shera.de. In addition, a team of experts with master dental technology knowledge is available to answer any questions you may have. They have years of experience with our products and literally burn for the SHERA investment materials.

Homemade quality for optimal results

We manufacture all SHERA investment materials ourselves on our own production facilities. This gives us 100 percent reliability in production and ensures high, consistent quality. The investment materials are processed, cast and checked for fit several times according to their area of ​​application before they are released. Only when everything is correct does the quality control give the OK for packaging and secures a reference sample of each batch. All SHERA investment materials are available from our online shop .

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