SHERAprint model aesthetic red

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- for the fabrication of high-precision veneer and inlay models
  inlay models, die models, implant models, models for the
  combination technique, presentation and course models
- in combination with SHERAprint-model desert for the
  aesthetic reproduction of the oral situation
- scannable surface

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Find out how 3D printing in dental technology ensures maximum precision and aesthetics.

SHERA offers you the best solution for getting started in CAD CAM dental technology with 3D printers specifically for the dental industry. Our digital workflow is unmatched and offers the highest level of process reliability. With SHERAprint you not only get the 3D printer, but also printing materials and CAD/CAM software for digital dental technology. We support you in the implementation of processes and find the workflow that simplifies your dental laboratory. SHERA is the best choice, especially when processing medical products.

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3D printing materials

The most beautiful digital models are available from SHERA. This is also made possible by the special resins that we have developed for dental 3D printing. We were the first company to make a 3D printing plastic pink for natural-looking master models in dental technology.


Premium Support

The SHERAprint printers not only include the Rapidshape-based printer itself, but also the support of the SHERAdigital team. When setting up the printers, a one-day introduction is given so that handling, process safety and reliable print results can be practiced in the laboratory.

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